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Why You Should Get a Shiba Inu

shiba inu u.sEven though they’re one of the smallest breeds of dogs, Shiba Inus are a force to be reckoned with. These feisty little dogs have been known to keep much bigger animals at bay just with the flick of their tails. With an independent and self-assured personality, it’s no wonder these little red dogs are among the most popular in Japan.


Why Are Shiba Inus So Adored? 

The u.s Shiba Inu u.s is one of the most popular breeds of dogs and has been for years. Some of the reasons they’re adored so much include their adorable looks, low maintenance, and great personalities. The Shiba Inu’s long, thick coat comes in shades of red, red-orange, sesame, cream, black, and tan. Most are red and in some cases, their ears and tip of their tails will be black. Shibas have a straight, thick tail that curls over their back. They have a triangular-shaped head with a black nose, dark round eyes, and erect ears. Their eyes are slightly slanted and their teeth are white and healthy.


A Little Background on Shiba Inus

Shiba Inus are a Japanese breed of dogs that originated on the island of Shikoku. They were bred for hunting and as guard dogs to be used in the military or to warn villagers of wild animals. In the 1930s, the breed became very popular and was brought to the rest of Japan and the world. While they are considered one of the most ancient breeds, they are also one of the most healthy. They have very little genetic issues and can typically live as long as 15 years. Being one of the smallest breeds of dogs, it’s no wonder Shiba Inus are also one of the most popular breeds in Japan. They have a very independent and feisty temperament and have been known to fend off animals much bigger than they are.


What to Know Before Adopting a Shiba Inu

shiba inu" u.s Before you jump on the Shiba Inu bandwagon, there are a few things you should know about the breed: Their Diet - If you’re not careful, your Shiba Inu could become overweight. They have a high metabolism and require at least two meals a day. Their Exercise - While they’re a low-energy breed, don’t let that fool you into thinking they don’t need exercise. They do need daily exercise and if you don’t give them enough, they could become destructive. Their Shedding - Even though they have long hairs, they shed. If you don’t like hair on your clothes, they’re not the breed for you. Their Training - Shiba Inus are stubborn and independent. They’ll need extra training to get them to do what you want.


5 Reasons to Get a Shiba Inu

shiba inu" u.s If you’re still on the fence about getting a Shiba Inu, here are five reasons why you should: They’re Low-Maintenance - Shiba Inus are low-maintenance dogs. They don’t require a lot of grooming, exercise, or training. They’re an excellent choice for beginners or those who aren’t interested in being overly involved in the daily care of their dog. They’re Great With Children - Shiba Inus are great with children and are very patient. While they’re good with children, they won’t put up with being mistreated and could nip if they’re pushed too far. They’re Great Guard Dogs - While they’re not aggressive, they make great guard dogs. They’re very territorial and will let you know if someone is on your property.


3 Things to be Aware of When Adopting a Shiba Inu

shiba inu" As adorable as they are, there are a few things you should be aware of before adopting a Shiba Inu: They’re a One-Person Dog - Shibas are a one-person dog and really don’t like strangers. If you want a dog that’s friendly to everyone, a Shiba is not for you. They’re Independent - As previously noted, Shibas are an independent breed. They prefer to do their own thing and don’t like to be bothered. They’re not the type of dog that will sit on your lap or follow you around the house. They’re Stubborn - Like we previously mentioned, they’re stubborn. Training and housebreaking may be more difficult than normal since they’re not the most eager to please.shiba inu shib -5.55


The Bottom Line

The Shiba Inu is a feisty, independent, and adorable little dog. They may shed and be stubborn, but they’re a great dog for those who want a low-maintenance pet. They’re great with children and make great guard dogs. Before you adopt a Shiba Inu, be aware of their one-person personality, their stubbornness, and the fact that they shed. If you’re looking for a dog that’s low-maintenance, a Shiba Inu is a great choice.shiba inu shib -5.55